01. On Bali you will find in nearly every house you visit, the picture of 'selamat datan' or 'welcome'. The Balinese love to give all their guests a very warm welcome.

02. When you are stood in front of the entrance to our villa, you come through the living room area to the beautiful pool and garden. On this photo you can see the sleeping areas to the right.

03. The everyday sunset in the living room at the front.

04. This is the sitting area of the semi open plan living room, with a gazebo in he background. This is a common feature on Bali and makes for a pleasant resting spot due to the gentle breeze, which wafts through the building.

05. There is plenty of room in the spacious living area, where you can relax with a good book in the large comfortable sitting space. Look around and the rice paddies of Bali surround you.

06. The dining area where our cook can serve up home made meals. She can prepare Balinese and Indonesian dishes for you, or, on request, can provide a European menu.

07. Our cook at work in the kitchen. Together with her, you can arrange a daily menu. You can even learn under her and be shown how to cook Balinese and Indonesian dishes.

08. The sleeping quarters consist of spacious bedrooms. Each bedroom has a large walk in wardrobe with a safe inside. In addition each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and toilet.

09. By the entrance to the sleeping area are two Dewa's. These pictures are to wish each guest a 'selamat datang'- a very warm welcome. Bali is also called the island of the gods. Many gods are worshipped and honoured by the Balinese with an appropriate ceremony.

10. The romantic four poster beds each have a mosquito net. There are extra beds available and each bedroom is roomy enough to accommodate these.

11. One bedroom has an en-suite with bath, shower and toilet.
The other bedroom has en-suite with shower and toilet.

12. In front of the living room lies the beautiful pool, 10 by 6 meters with an overflow system. The pool is maintained on weekly basis. Round the pool are 4 sun loungers and seated area with parasol. The path round the pool leads to the garden, where you can make use of the 'Bale' Gazebo.

13. When you are in the pool you can enjoy the view: the wonderful 'wide sawa's' of Indonesia.

14. Again the wonderful sight of the 'wide sawa's' of Indonesia. To the right you can see the gazebo.

15. The beautiful pool!

16. Beautiful wildlife.

17. Beautiful nature and surroundings!

18. Dinner at night with candlelight.

19. The beautiful pool with the seated area and parasol in the foreground and the gazebo in the background, which can offer you some shade, or for the romantic night hours some dimmed lighting.

20. Our small but beautiful garden is filled with native and imported plants, as well as water plants, including the lotus flower.

21. Daily life on the rice paddies next to the villa.

22. A local farmer at work on the rice paddy.

23. Gods are important in the culture of Bali. Here your see the offerings to the Gods made during the opening of the villa Mawar Berawa.

24. The local people busy preparing the offerings.

25. A Balinese priest asks the Gods to bless the villa.

26. Here you can see several gamelan on the car port during the opening ceremony. A gamelan is a type of gong musical instrument often used in Bali.

27. Everyone takes a place around the gamelan during the opening ceremony.

28. These monkeys run free in Bali in the 'Monkey Forest" in Ubud.

29. As you can see, the monkeys are walking around free. The best way to visit the monkeys is with our chauffeur, Wayang. Our chauffeur comes from and lives in Bali and knows the area extremely well and can organize daily trips around the whole island. You can hire his services by appointment.

30. This is the souvenir market at Pasar Sukawati. The hand carvings and sculptures are the speciality at this popular market.

31. The market at Pasar Sukawati is also meeting place for the local people, so this is a pleasant way for you to get to meet the locals.

32. This is the sea temple 'Tanah Lot'. It looks as if comes straight out of a fairy tale. All of Bali has many temples, but this is the only temple in the sea, which makes it special.

33. One of the many temples on the 'island of the gods', Bali.

34. Our villa is a great base for various excursions. If, for example, you head to the North of Bali you can see the Kintamani Mountain range.

35. Bali also has several waterfalls, like this one on the toad to Lovina on the North coast of Bali.

36. Lots of dolphins swim round the Bali coast. If you take a boat trip, you may, if you're lucky, get to see a group of dolphins playing. This is a wonderful experience that makes Bali that extra bit special!

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